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Walkerhill Hotel Acadia

  • Location Seoul, Korea
  • Type Hotel/Resort
  • Total Area 10,558㎡
  • Scale 5F / B2
  • Design / Completion 2006 / 2007
The Walkerhill Hotel SK Acadia is a representative urban type of resort hotel in Korea, located on the edge of Walkerhill building group and has a comfortable atmosphere as though embraced by nature. In consideration of a skyline formed by Walkerhill Hotel and Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel, the new hotel is arranged to maintain its continuity. This forms an organic feeling as if the hotel space overlaps with nature as the site stretching out horizontally and mountain rages becoming a background of hotel unfold in the same sense of direction. The glass curtain wall is used to give transparent and light feeling as if rooms are floated on the ground of black granite, Machunsok and silver aluminum sheet is applied for minimizing a sense of difference from nature so that the sky could be seen reflected in the sheet. In this way, the effect which boundary becomes clouded, links and/or segments mass that consists of a space by the direction of light and change of climate to form an unfixed and changeable ‘Fluid Space’.
  • 2008. Korea Architecture Award Excellence Award
  • 2008. Seoul Metropolitan Government Architecture Award Participation Award
  • 2008. Korea Space Design Award Participation Award