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Songdo Landmark Prugio City

  • Location Incheon, Yeonsu-gu
  • Type Hotel/Resort
  • Total Area 121,450㎡
  • Scale 36F / B4
  • Design / Completion 2017 / 2021
Songdo Landmark Prugio City, located at the point of contact with “Landmark City” and “Songdo International Business District,” grows to become the symbolic gate and the new center of Songdo International City, and offers an all-around view including the park and the lake. It was planned as a long-term lodging facility with a converging concept of hotel, residence and office complex fitting the changing lifestyle and aiming to reach the higher value of life. Bearing the image of “a ship sailing towards the sea,” the Twin Tower features terraced guest rooms at the top floor with a design inspired by a sail bent by the wind. The commercial facility stretching from the viewpoint deck in the park and along the street is evocative of a deck on a ship. The design of the community facility in the center was inspired by the passenger’s cabin. These factors will be closely linked to each other and become a new symbol of a relaxed life and future-oriented lifestyle with nature.