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Medical Facility Design

Medical Facility Design

Medical service in the domestic market is currently facing a number of challenges. Even though there is constant development of medical technology to treat complex and various diseases, there are still growing expectations of health services and medical spaces from patients and consumers. HAEAHN Architecture’s Medical Facility Design understands the patients and staffs’ experience in the rapidly changing medical environment, and the core value of what the clients seek to fulfill through the facility. Our company is striving to provide the ultimate design from the restricted time and budget, continuously communicating with clients and users.

Professional Field:

General Hospital

Special Hospital - Cancer Hospital, Cardiovascular Center, Rehabilitation Hospital, Mental Hospital, Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, etc.

Special Ward – Hospice Palliative Care Ward, Infection Isolation Ward

Dental Hospital

Oriental Medicine Hospital


Emergency Center

Trauma Center

Establishment of Strategy and Masterplan

Planning and Design

Medical Appliances Plot Planning