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BIM Design

BIM Design

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Design allows to maintain the original design objective and quality by providing an advanced 3D model based digital technology service during buildings’ entire lifecycle from stages of planning to design, construction, management, etc.

1. Concept Design Phase: Review of the site and feasibility study is carried out by applying BIM mass. Through this, setting up the design goal and direction, which are suitable for the project’s characteristics, are quickly processed.

2. Schematic Design Phase: BIM Modeling fulfills visual and environmental analysis using basic form designs. This enables the projects to progress smoothly and increase the clients’ understanding of designs.

3. Design Development Phase: The BIM Model information generated from the Schematic Design Phase is specified to carry out structural review, construction cost assumption, sustainable design approval, etc. This process can decrease project budget changes and uncertainties.

4. Construction Document Phase: Through the enormous amount of information that the BIM Model accumulates, clash detection, construction cost examination are carried out. This makes it possible to continuously utilize BIM model and data at the construction and maintenance stage, and reduce the life cycle cost of buildings.