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Daecheon Westopia

  • Location Chungnam, Korea
  • Type Hotel/Resort
  • Total Area 23,588㎡
  • Scale 10F / B2
  • Design / Completion 2009 / 2011
Daechon Resort makes its concept as ‘nature-resembling resort, nature-filling resort’ by starting from a question about a place where even the soul could be cured through the communication between nature and human. It is intended that another green sea could be spread out in Daechon, a city with beautiful coast and blue sea. There are a condominium, a golf course, and a clubhouse as major facilities in the resort, while there are tea houses and a rail bike facility as additional facilities. A condominium is planned to become a landmark which lights the whole resort like a lighthouse and brightens its surrounding areas as it towers high over the sea. The clubhouse is the figuration of a ship that is anchored at a starting post for a voyage to the green sea as a turning point from the daily life of a city to the non-daily life since a clubhouse is a place where the non-daily behavior called ‘golf’ takes place.