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Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Architectural Design establishes the related plans of business that goes through Concept Design to Construction Documents. Social, legal, environmental problems of projects are researched and analyzed to establish basic goals and directions to the building design. Also, the overall planning policy of a building such as its function, size, form, structure, materials etc., are established followed by setting its site plan, floor plan, elevation, structural system, construction material, equipment system, estimation of construction cost, and project period. The Architectural Design of HAEAHN Architecture is progressed by setting precise and rational design goals through careful analysis of all matters of each project. Additionally, we provide the best design to the clients by completing creative and high-quality designs according to the international design standards.

Concept Design

The personality of each project is defined at this stage through the analysis of clients’ demands and general terms, and compatible design goals and directions are suggested by utilizing references on the project size and its business analysis.

Schematic Design
The basic frame each project (size, function, form, structure, material, etc.) are set to be presented to the clients at this stage, and the progress of the project is smoothly led by gathering consents of the direction and goal for the designs.

Design Development
Major information of the project is systemized so that the basic composition of schematic designs can be developed and reflected to construction documents. These documents are also applied for construction cost estimation data and approval documents to relevant authorities.

Construction Documents
This is a stage of preparing for construction where the system of design development is materialized, the construction relationship among clients, contractors, and construction inspectors are set. This is also applied as materials for construction cost calculation, construction schedule, specifications, and statements and reports on the start of construction.