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Business Development

Business Development

Development Planning

HAEAHN Architecture verifies the precise intention and demands of the clients and also examine regulations, location environment, future potentials, supply and demand of facilities, and competitiveness so as to determine the feasibility of use and capacity to each project. HAEAHN also establishes detailed plans and strategies to achieve the business goal and provides integrated solutions of core projects to the clients.

Preliminary Analysis
Preliminary Analysis is a process of not only understanding the size of buildings, but also providing reasonable decisions by reviewing space programing, MD, circulation, etc., with the goal of securing the best projects for maximizing business profit.

Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study calculates the profitability through simulations of initial investment, financing, payments, and earnings based on the preconditions of Development Planning and Preliminary Analysis. And by giving feedback it will maximize the profitability and improve the preconditions eventually providing Total Project Management Service to the clients.