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Haeahn Architecture YoonSeHan CEO photo

Since our establishment in 1990, HAEAHN has accumulated experiences through many projects. In that process, HAEAHN Architecture, Inc. began to hear and respond to the calling. It started with the very question of “WHY DO WE DESIGN?”
We have found the reason for our being; HAEAHN shall create an environment, which everybody hopes for, with the well understanding of our nature from the site to the earth, with the deep love for the human who has to live in this nature, and with the insight of the spirit of our time which connects the past, present and the future.

HAEAHN responds to the Client’s aspirations and dedicate to realizing them with the architects’ inmost sincerities, thus creating a new value through our innovative, unique and sustainable design. In order to do so, HAEAHN deeply listens, self-reflects and communicate honestly so that we can analyze the intrinsic needs, build the executional strategies and propose the insightful solutions.
HAEAHN is proud to dedicate in constancy from the first to the last in order to produce the design products that exceeds the Client’s expectations. We keep in tune with the international technologies to create an inspiring and trust worthy environment for the clients and users, and create unique characteristics for each project studying the locality and universality.

HAEAHN provides seamless teamwork among the responsible professional groups in broad range of Architectural, PCM, Urban Planning, Landscape, Environmental, Interior Design and Green Architectural Design. Utilizing our total design/plan team organization, we developed a unique decision making system which conveys the innovative design concept to the outstanding performance building.
HAEAHN fosters our professionals with passion and commitment. We value our active and fun company culture. We are a young company, always respecting diverse, open and enterprising spirit.

We also determine to be a business partner in belief that our success can be earned only through the success of the project. HAEAHN takes pride to be the consultant with the honest and professional solutions. We, all design members of HAEAHN will work in unison, to be the world’s best design firm that everybody wish to work with.

HAEAHN Architecture, Inc.