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KT Songpa Headquarters

  • Location Seoul, Songpa-gu
  • Type Hotel/Resort
  • Total Area 132,134㎡
  • Scale 32F / B5
  • Design / Completion 2015 / 2021
Located off the main avenue and next to a lake, KT Songpa Headquarters comprised of newly built office and commercial facilities. Haeahn Architecture started with a question of how to make a relationship between the three key landscapes in the area, the city center, nature and bustling streets. Office facilities and the arcade in lower floors were connected via multiple floors, making the building a complex in pursuit of “Work-Live-Fun.” Considering the bustling nature of the area, Haeahn Architecture planned a façade with minimal doors whose design evoked the wave of Seokchon Lake, as the transparent glass panel reflecting the water expressed natural beauty and urban sensibilities. The robustness revealed in different landscapes has simple and clear visibility from the city center.
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