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The Nexen Univer-City

  • Location Seoul, Korea
  • Type R&D/Hospital
  • Total Area 57,171.47㎡
  • Scale 8F / B2
  • Design / Completion 2016 / 2019
  • Team H Architecture(Co-Design Architect)
The New R&D Center is required to be an innovative research facility and the corporation’s identity for the next era at the same time. The building also has various facilities for public and user’s welfare as much as work facilities of various research and management. It is important to separate the areas of research logistics, functional connectivity and security in one building. The strong identity of ‘Tire’ is reflected to the concept of the project such as the elevation from the layered print of a tire and circulation of the building from the continuity of a wheel. All the test facilities and laboratories, all the indoor and outdoor spaces are interwoven with the unique ‘double-helix’ special system. Researchers can easily travel between the lab to relaxation facilities for working and refreshing.
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  • 2020. Korea Ecological Architecture & Environment Award Grand Prize
  • 2019. WAN Awards Silver Award
  • 2019. Korea Architecture Award Excellence Award
  • 2019. Seoul Architecture Award Excellence Award
  • 2019. Korea Green Architecture Award Grand Prize
  • 2019. BIM Awards Excellence Award