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Floating Island : Soul Flora

  • Location Seoul, Korea
  • Type Culture/Exhibition
  • Total Area 9,995㎡
  • Scale 3F / B0
  • Design / Completion 2008 / 2011
  • Team H ASSOCIATE INC(Co-Design Architect)
‘Setbit Sum (Floating Island)’ was planned as a new cultural center in Seoul, which various festivals such as performance, exhibition, and leisure can be held, as a monumental symbol of the Han River. The whole center consists of three islands in different themes to provide citizens experiencing dynamic waterfront-culture and to help changing perspective from looking Han River to experiencing Han River. It symbolically represents shape of Seoul as a cultural lamp that spreads out in all directions by embodying an image of the Han River Renaissance, which is regeneration and circulation through a metaphor of a seed, a bud, and a fully bloomed flower. Thus, Floating Island is a creative work combined with technology and culture that will be remembered as one of the landmarks in Seoul.
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