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Gyeonggi Institute of Health & Environment

  • Location Gyeonggi, Suwon-si
  • Type R&D/Hospital
  • Total Area 13,105.67㎡
  • Scale 4F / B1
  • Design / Completion 2017 / 2020
The new site of the Research Institute of Public Health & Environment in Gyeonggi, which is based on the vision of a "fresh environment and healthy residents," is planned as a ‘garden, (井: well, 園 : hill) that advocates a "fresh and healthy researcher." The site where the city meets nature is an outer space where anyone can easily find and rest, like a hill, and the planned building on it resembles a well. These spaces will contain nature, be divided into functions, and will be filled with various values and activities as each circulation gathers and communicates, and become a prototype of pleasant and healthy research facilities.