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Telechips Headquarters Pangyo

  • Location Gyeonggi, Seongnam-si
  • Type R&D/Hospital
  • Total Area 30,967.28㎡
  • Scale 12F / B5
  • Design / Completion 2018 / 2022
The design scheme is to build the new headquarters of Telechips, a fabless semiconductor company in pursuit of principles and concepts set forth by the fourth industrial revolution. With this in mind, Haeahn Architecture focused on creating spaces that can promote knowledge and ideas based on open minds and closely knit social relations. “Agora Square” on low floors are designed as an open space, without any border to divide external and interior spaces, to the public, for it serves as a pivotal center where the public and the corporation can have a symbiotic relationship through corporate promotions, exhibitions, and open forums. In the tower, the space, dynamically connecting various programs under the concept “Creative Void,” is designed to promote communications and exchanges among the users.
  • 2023. Skygarden Awards of Seongnam Silver Award