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Dongdaegu Station plaza

  • Location Daegu, Korea
  • Type Urban Design
  • Site Area 18,912㎡
  • Design / Completion 2012 / -
The design goal of this project was to create ‘Chung Kyung Chung Ya’, which means a yard that possesses clear Daegu and green garden that reaches further to become a center of a larger Daegu, embracing nature and playing the role of life for the citizens. The design strategy is, first, creating a larger Daegu by placing a board at a part of Daegu and weaving the board into an oval shaped ring. Second, by drawing straight and curved lines on the board, it plays a central role as a cultural belt for Dongdaegu pedestrian street and as a symbol of the traffic square. Third, three forests that possess widespread green board, green roof of the tree shrub, and the coexistence of nature and human are made, and fourth, eight stories that symbolize the colorful Daegu is captured in the forests.