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Philippine Manila Bay Mixed-Use Development

  • Location Philippines
  • Type Urban Design
  • Site Area 330,580㎡
  • Design / Completion 2007 / -
The purpose of this project is to make an ‘International Destination City’ reflecting ‘Complex City, Green City, Brand City’ which is the trend of contemporary urban development and ‘Service Tourism’ which is the trend of international tourism industry. To solve the monotonous coastline problem, it changes the reclamation line to make a symbolic shoreline according to the sedimentation line which is a nature land in a deep sea. It tries to increase the value of the target area by forming various landscape and flows through three axis, ‘Water-scape, Green-scape, Architecture-scape’ to solve the problem of deep width of target areas and to increase the accessibility of the sea. To solve the problem of lack of green space, it plans to make an artificial and natural park connected with programs of each zone and maximizes the dwelling, usability and symbolism.