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[Participated] Dongtan2 City Master Plan

  • Location Gyeonggi, Korea
  • Type Urban Design
  • Site Area 1,152,000㎡
  • Design / Completion 2009 / -
The existing ‘Made City’ is fixed and rigid that it could not correspond to changes. Dongtan 2 New Town is designed as a city of vitality that matures as time lapses and as a city of possibility, where residents can decorate and fill its own city. The core function of a ‘Making City’ is the community that flexibly correspond to changing demands and that is a center of communication and exchange of residents. An open space form that reflects geological features gives a new visual and spatial experience, and a differentiated sense of place through building arrangement. Also, the green belt is not locked inside a grid patterned shape but is naturally embracing life, which becomes a medium that forms a boundary of the residential area and at the same time connects nature and neighbors to carry various activities and sense of place. The green axis at the center becomes a ‘Slow Path’, where residents can relax and blend with nature.