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Cheongdam Boon The Shop

  • Location Seoul, Korea
  • Type Commercial
  • Total Area N:4,989/S:4,406㎡
  • Scale 6F / B5
  • Design / Completion 2013 / 2014
  • Collaborators Peter Marino Architect
Boon the Shop is newly built into a “Specialty Store” at the vicinity of the existing Boon the Shop site, located at the No.1 Chungdam Fashion Street, Apgujeong-ro 60 street. The building is designed into Building N and Building S, connecting them together by a passageway. The building’s terrace is in a stairway form which is built considering the legal restriction of general residential areas. It is in a setback, diagonally slanted form with white marble outer wall, showing its dynamic and various shapes from different angles. Natural lighting is brought into the building which is hard to consider in existing commercial facilities. Also, shops, terrace and garden, exhibition, cafes, restaurants are made through the connecting passageway to provide a resting place for the customers after shopping.