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A Public Dormitory On Application Of Guui-Dong Retarding Basin, CSOs Reservoir, Retarding Basin Cove

  • Location Chungnam, Korea
  • Type Special Facility
  • Total Area 88,267㎡
  • Scale 6F / B1
  • Design / Completion 2012 / -
This project is planned to create a dormitory open to students and local residents through restoring a reservoir as a project to form a local residents-friendly space. ‘Share Community’ is formed to open to the public by arranging public library, fitness center, after-school class, multi-purpose room interacting with local residents at the lower floors and securing students’ privacy at the upper floors. Inside and outside of the project site are attempted to be utilized as a place where local residents communicate with each other through a reservoir garden planning that existing traces and memories are symbolized to flowers by connecting to an ecological park at the side of Han River. 19 floors height of a Han River view tower is planned in consideration of landscape at the side of Gangbyeonbuk-ro and the river by creating various elevations through balcony planning containing light reflecting to the river.