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Ulleung Airport

  • Location Gyeongbuk, Ulleung
  • Type Special Facility
  • Total Area 6,439.55㎡
  • Scale 2F
  • Design / Completion 2019 / -
Ulleung Airport is a small regional airport dedicated to domestic flights. Our design concept, "Ulleungdo Scenery Airport", means an airport as a vernacular architecture and metaphor for the nature of Ulleungdo and Dokdo. The features of the proposal are as follows. Ulleung Airport is a landmark that symbolizes Ulleungdo and Dokdo, showing regionality. In addition, it is not only transportation facilities, but tourists’ visiting place, and it is a facility for local residents. And this airport makes the environment feel precious, the scenery is in harmony with the surrounding area. And it is an airport that can operate efficiently and flexibly considering the small airports in the island area.