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Master Plan for Gasan-dong Urban Environmental Improvement

  • Location Seoul, Korea
  • Type Urban Design
  • Site Area 211,000㎡
  • Design / Completion 2010 / -
The goal for this project is to promote the appreciation of the region’s change through strategic maintenance of semi industrial region and establish a city environment maintenance plan that maintains industry, environment, and life. For this, three themes are set to ease the regional problem by combining the elements of regional specialization. The first theme is a city perfect for industry, ‘increase of employment’, which is to maintain the industrial environment to support the industrial district, and to create a new industrial ecosystem by attracting growing industries. The second theme is a city perfect for living, ‘the pleasantness of living’, which is expanding the living service of the region by mixing technology, and strengthening the connection of residence and industry. The third theme is a city perfect for visiting, ‘improvement of image’, which is strengthening the regional network through environment maintenance of ‘Construction of cherry blossom walkway regional specialization’ etc.