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[Participated] International Design Competition for the New Jinju National Museum

Competition 97 Jan. 23, 2024

Location: Around Gangnam-dong, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Use: Cultural and Assembly Facilities (Exhibition Center)

Site Area: 20,000㎡

Total Area: 9,877.90㎡

Scale: 2F / B1

Collaborator: H ARCHITECTURE 

Project Team: Chulhwan Yoo, Kyusik Shin, Taeho Kim, Taewang Kwon, Geonwoo Koo, Kyungyeol Kim, Nayeon Kim , Sohyun Park , Hyeokyoung Lee, Seungjune Jung, Mikyoung Seo , Donghee Cho, Haengsook Lee, Yerin Hur, Sujin Yeo , Gyongju Soh(HAEAHN) / Sangmin You, Jake Han, John Cho (H-Architecture)​

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