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Villiv Hanam

  • Location Gyeonggi, Hanam-si
  • Type Mixed-Use
  • Total Area 51,316.93㎡
  • Scale 10F / B2
  • Design / Completion 2017 / 2021
  • Team Frits van Dongen
Villiv Hanam, facing Sigak Park in the south and the Han River to its east, proposed a new residential community under the concept “Life Connected to Home.” The rectangular mass stands strong as it comprises of a total of 28 different types, including six different sizes and four different ceiling heights, while it envelops an internal atrium that connects Sigak Park in the south and a public lot in the south. The internal, void-like space within the simple yet lively mass shows diversity as it embraces natural elements, and the functional programs are designed to interconnect between nature and life, work and life and function and emotion. By offering three-dimensional experiences between various residential spaces, Haeahn Architecture aims to make this place a model for new residential space.
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  • 2022. Gyeonggi-do Architecture Culture Award Silver Prize