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Daejeon Dong-Gu district A1, A3BL Housing Competion

  • Location Daejeon, Dong-gu
  • Type Mixed-Use
  • Total Area 33,515㎡
  • Scale 43F / B5
  • Design / Completion 2022 / -
  • Team ING Architecture
Vertical Village & Grand Park located near Daejeon Station are to become the new landmarks to revitalize the old city center as they become the new standard of urban residential complexes. Vertical Village, built on Block A1, is an integrated public lease system. Haeahn Architecture recomposed the existing village and implemented a new life town where both new and local residents could live in harmony by containing Grand Atrium, vertical alleys, and the green belt lacking in the old city center. A3BL's Grand Park will be transformed into two-storied grounds by maximally expanding the existing public pedestrian way, and making it a special place where residents can enjoy various events and relaxation in daily life.