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Surubae Village Castle&Familie The Art 1,2

  • Location Sejong, Korea
  • Type Residential
  • Total Area 302,513.32㎡
  • Scale 29F / B2
  • Design / Completion 2015 / 2019
  • Collaborators DESIGN GROUP GHOWOO
The design concept of this contest is the new concept of 'NEW:RUN' where creative thinking and relaxation coexist, based on neurons that form knowledge through connections, considering that it is a knowledge research complex. To realize this, three suggestions were made: First, ECO NEW:RUN, a new eco-friendly view complex opened on both sides of the mountain and river. Second, CREATIVE NEW:RUN, the new multi-color creative complex where creative ideas are created in a colorful space. Third, COMFORT NEW:RUN, community layout that forms a comfortable street system.