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Korea University of Technology and Education ‘NARAEDOME’

  • Location Chungnam, Korea
  • Type Educational
  • Total Area 129,259.89㎡
  • Scale 1F / B0
  • Design / Completion 2010 / 2012
Narae Dome at the Korea University of Technology and Education, is a building that combines the results of the large-scale building construction technology development conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and conducted by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement to realize the localization and advancement of large-space building technology. Two mega trusses form the whole structure system, and the PTFE membrane structure form an oval building shape. The white and soft PTFE with the tough and tense mega trusses contrast to create a 'strong image' overall. The school Named Aluminum Perforated panels on the elevations were installed to emphasize the identity of the building.