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[Reconstruction] Raemian Cǽlĭtus

  • Location Seoul, Korea
  • Type Residential
  • Total Area 135,082.72㎡
  • Scale 56F / B3
  • Design / Completion 2006 / 2015
  • Team H Architecture, RMJM, Joel Sanders Architect
Cǽlĭtus is located at the center of Seoul, newly defining the Han riverside skyline. The original goal for this project was to create a landmark that will open a new prospect of residential architecture. ‘Crystal’ is taken as a motive for the elevation, which gives a shape of a ‘prism’ image that displays a unique light that projects the Han River. An L-shaped small park and linear park are made beside the Hangang Park, and additional facilities, canopy roof gardens are continuously built, which is created as a ‘Small Place of Relaxation in the City’. The sky bridge that connects three towers is in a 人 shape (Chinese character for human), which promotes residents’ participation in community activities. This organic design also plays a role of a new landmark at the side of the Han River.
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  • 2016. Korea Architecture Award Premier Award