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National Aviation Museum of Korea

  • Location Seoul, Korea
  • Type Culture/Exhibition
  • Total Area 18,593.50㎡
  • Scale 4F / B1
  • Design / Completion 2015 / 2020
  • Team Jongyup Lim (Inha University)
As the National Aviation Museum that will become a hall of South Korea’s aviation education, exhibition, and experience, it is designed to hold science, freedom, beauty, and adventure in an advanced aviation exhibition space, the Aero Museum in Gimpo Airport City. The museum has three concepts that differentiate from existing aviation museums: first, the Air Turbine, which is the landmark of aviation culture that symbolizes the power of engines and scientific technology, second, the Air Show, which is the aviation exhibition of a new paradigm that holds freedom of flying and dynamism, and lastly, the Air Walk, which is the three dimensional flow where South Korea’s aviation history unfolds like panorama.
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  • 2021. International Design Awards (IDA) Silver Award
  • 2021. International Design Excellence Awards Finalist
  • 2021. Korea Architecture Award Premier Award
  • 2020. Seoul Architecture Award Excellence Award
  • 2020. Seoul Architecture Award Citizen Vote Special Prize
  • 2020. KICA Cultural Space Awards Museum Sector Selected
  • 2016. BIM Awards Architecture sector 1st Prize