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Chungbuk Cheongju Exhibition Center

  • Location Chungbuk, Korea
  • Type Culture/Exhibition
  • Total Area 41,085.38㎡
  • Scale 3F / B1
  • Design / Completion 2019 / -
  • Collaborators RAON Architecture
Cheongju Exhibition Center, located in the center of national transportation and center of the biohealth science technopolis, symbolize the specificity of local industry by using the meaning of nature and life, and the form of seeds. The west entrance façade has the open façade design to show the interior art wall and the visitor’s behavior from outside to harmonize with the outside landscape, meanwhile emphasizing the openness on the inside, to fulfill its role as a public facility. The exhibition area and the conference area are clearly separated on the floor-level to emphasize on functionality. In addition, the available area was secure to the maximum level, in consideration of the expansion of exhibition halls in the future. This facility will be a place to symbolize and grow the local community, representing the local culture and the local industry.