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Suwon-si Youngheung Park

  • Location Gyeonggi, Korea
  • Type Special Facility
  • Site Area 487,311㎡
  • Design / Completion 2016 / -
The vision of Suwon Youngheung Park is to become a luxury park where the park, arboretum and non-park facilities enhance the quality of Suwon City through the vision of Millennium Suwon. The park is a public garden with an arboretum where the forests, gardens, and culture are integrated together to create Suwon into a new attraction and become a forest that leads the historical city of Suwon to the next millennium. The quality of life, participation, and lifestyle will be built and improved through this park. And it will become a park that embraces the ecological nature that can be self-sufficiently managed from the stage of development to its settlement. It also aims to be a role model of a private development park that offers publicness and pleasant residence, and provides profitable and economic effects to the community.