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Chungnam Governmental Complex

  • Location Chungnam, Korea
  • Type Office
  • Total Area 102,331㎡
  • Design / Completion 2008 /
  • Collaborators H Architecture
Two keywords ‘Maximization of Publicness’ and ‘Realization of Eco-friendly Environment’ became a starting point of this project. In order to realize ‘Maximization of Publicness’, its definition is analyzed and summarized into four principles to be developed into an urban and architectural concept. The first principle, ‘Non-Hierarchical Structure’, means to make a non-hierarchical government structure; second, ‘Accessibility’, means to form an open structure allowing all provincial residents to freely have access; third, ‘Ownership’, means for the government office to have a strategy of psychologically blurring the awareness of each territory to allow easy access to residents, and therefore, secure accessibility; and fourth, ‘Participation’, means to provide structures and programs that can attract residents to voluntarily participate in all functions.
  • 2010. AIA NY Design Awards Unbuilt Work Merit Award