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Eulji University and Hospital & Uijeongbu Campus

  • Location Gyeonggi, Korea
  • Type R&D/Hospital
  • Total Area 256,729㎡
  • Scale 14F / B5
  • Design / Completion 2013 / -
This project is that the first university in Uijeongbu and the largest hospital in northern region of Gyeonggi are in one complex. Step 1 school facilities increase the land use efficiency and linkage between buildings through intensive layout of the buildings. Ensuring the open space area to the maximum and planning a walkway connected to surrounding neighborhood park, a pedestrian-friendly campus for students was made. The symbolic campus core is placed in the center of complex. It makes one-stop campus life through the underground arcade space which is a combination of profit facilities and public programs of university. Step 2 Hospital is made to find the way easily and maximizes the efficiency of medical treatment flow by placing the clinics and laboratories around ‘HOSPITAL STREET’. A high-quality space experience is available in lobby, atrium space, etc. and a variety of events add vitality in the hospital.